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Data protection 
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Customer Data 
Platform (CDP)

Loyalty and 

Techsun CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Consumer marketing platform meets personalized interactions

  • Building omnichannel campaigns
  • Single view of customer
  • Personalized customer experience
  • Protecting data integrity
  • Design cross channel engagement

Omni-channel data collection breaks data silos and establishes a unified customer data system

  • Quick configuration: no need to bury points, one-key authorization
  • Omni-channel data collection: seamless integration of 150+ third-party channel data
  • Data organization: quickly identify and manage the unified identity of consumers across the domain

Comprehensive support for user behavior data analysis to help personalized marketing

  • Easily understand the channel’s ability to acquire customers
  • Portray user portraits in multiple dimensions
  • Effectively analyze user activity
  • View the conversion rate of the whole process with multiple indicators

Multi-faceted and automated marketing campaign management

  • Management of multiple types of marketing objects
  • Management of multiple types of marketing rules
  • Calendar management

Right Solutions for Every Industry

Retail & E-Commerce

Sports without borders, brand scale effect, barriers to scientific & technological input, seize scarce marketing resources to create...

Beauty & Fashion

The beauty market continues to expand, consumer groups expand, consumer grades upgrade, and the trend toward high-end cosmetics is emerging.

Food and Beverage

The consumer demand of the catering service market has changed, and the overall trend of convenience, health and personalized consumption...

More Industries

Techsun solutions empowers any brands clear, fast, easy access to all the data and insights they need any industry anywhere. Their consumers will get more personalised...

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What is Techsun?

Techsun is a leader in retail technology in China, helping TOP 500 retail brands operate their “new traffic,” “new relationships,” and “new marketing” with cloud technology, big data and AI technologies, improving digital direct sales of retail brands (Digital D2C) and ultimately helping brands achieve faster business growth and higher operating margins.